On this page are several examples of course Ideas creators can pick from.

Please note that the topics are not limited to these. The major aim of highlighting these topics is to give course creators a guide into choosing a course topic with a high probability of course approval by the Trevolearn team.

Trevolearn doesn’t host and will not approve professional certification courses because there are already more than enough platforms hosting those courses.


Below are the examples of the kind of courses Trevolearn will approve:

  • How to land a Remote Job as a Data Analyst
  • How to pitch yourself to a prospective recruiter
  • How to get jobs that can help you relocate via LinkedIn or other platforms. Etc.
  • How to Get Social media management Jobs
  • Where to land Programing Jobs or Gigs e.t.c.
  • How I got interviewed by 3 FAANG companies within 2 months
  • Where to get big investors for your Startup
  • How to transition into a Tech career in 6 Months without a Background in Tech
  • How to land a software Development Job internationally
  • How to write catchy cover letters and Resume as an Experienced UI Designer
  • How I started my real estate business without a capital
  • How I scaled by event business from earning 300k monthly to 5M monthly
  • How I built my online brand to attract wealthy clients and customers
  • How to land high paying clients on social media 
  • How to build an irresistible personal brand 
  • How to Relocate to the UK Using the Tech Nation Visa
  • How I Landed a Business Analyst Role After Relocating to the UK
  • How to get Masters Scholarship in the USA without a first class
  • How I landed 2 Business Analyst jobs in the UK after completing my masters 

The list is endless, You can come up with more topics from different industry and walks of life as long as it is a practical blueprint and guide for growing professionals.

We do not accept courses like: 

  • Product management beginner course
  • Data Analytics with Python 
  • UI/UX with Figma.. etc.
  • Any course that requires the excessive use of Technical mothodologies, skills and tools or softwares in a particular field or career will not be approved. There are already tons of these kinds of courses littered everywhere. Let us help upcoming professionals by sharing real life strategies especially the ones you have adopted and that you know a lot of people are oblivious about.

We only approve courses where experienced professionals help other professionals by sharing practical blueprints of their professional success. However, creators can recommend other professional courses in their videos.

Our Instructors are called TrevoHeroes

Earn an extra income by sharing the blueprints you have used to attain your career success.

Earn extra passive income as an instructor despite your full time Job.

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