How To Build and Grow A Virtual Academy

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This course is what you need if you desire to grow an academy using the online space. With 5 years of experience working in 3 virtual academies, I can categorically tell you that you can comfortably run an academy online even if you do  not have a physical office.

There are lot of myths surrounding this topic, A lot of confusion from many people as well which I have broken down using  my own experience and expertise. As you learn from my own experience, you will know what exactly to do to start and grow your own virtual academy

This course covers all major areas you need to setup your virtual academy in terms of the skills you need, the risks I took and that you will take, optimizing those risks, growing your academy amongst other things.

You will find the course contents below this text.

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Course Content

Module 1 – My Inspiration
Understand what inspired me to build a virtual Academy, What it passion or what is just money? Also understand how I saw it as a golden opportunity that many do not know how to tap from. Let's start

  • Desire, Passion or Side Hustle ?
  • How I built a strong virtual Academy without a Physical Office

Module 2 – Skills Vs Money War
Understand the dynamics of having funding and having skills. How do you build a virtual academy with little funds? If you don't have the skills, will having funds suffice? What are the skills you need to thrive in this venture?

Module 3: The Risks I Took

Module 4 – Quality Vs Quantity
Setting up a virtual Academy can be very dicey. You need more than the norm to win the hearts of your intended audience. Let's talk about the Quality/Quantity of your trainings and how you can stand out despite the fierce competition among other virtual Academies.

Module 5 – Marketing Vs Visibility
Marketing and visibility are two subjects you must understand if you want to build a solid virtual Academy. Learning how to remain on the faces of your audience all the time is the only way to be on top of your game!

Module 6 – How I Built & Optimized a Sales System for my Virtual Academy
Your Virtual Academy will only remain in operations when you build a viable sales system. If you do not build a system, it will be difficult to sustain your revenue. This module will teach you how to build a system that keeps generating revenue. Furthermore, there's the optimization which is much more important. Let's deep-dive into it

Module 7: Mistakes to Avoid
Learn about mistakes to Avoid when building a Virtual Academy. Many of these mistakes were learnt as I gained experience on the virtual space. Marketing mistakes, Hiring mistakes, community mistakes

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