Top 10 Soft Skills You Need To Succeed In 2024 and Beyond

Top 10 Soft Skills You Need To Succeed In 2024 and Beyond

Ayomide Adeniyi, Olumide Olugotun

Top 10 Soft Skills You Need To Succeed In 2024 and Beyond

You Need these skills to make career progress in 2024

I remember back when I wrote my first CV, I added “self-motivated” to my skills section, not really understanding what its meaning was, or if I had applied it in a technical sense. However, I felt compelled to include it as it was a trend at the time. It wasn’t until years later, as a remote worker, that I fully understood the significance of self-motivation. I went blank of ideas, and my editor kept rejecting my work (smiles). I was repeating the same task over and over again for almost two weeks. Yes, that was when I knew self-motivation was a thing. 


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Here are the 10 top soft skills you need in 2024:

Let’s start with self-motivation since we are already on it. Self-motivation drives people to keep going even in the face of setbacks, to take up opportunities, and to show commitment to what they want to achieve. Self-motivation is the driving force behind one’s actions. Self-motivation in its simplest form, is the force that drives you to do things. The force that keeps you going when you hit the end of a tunnel. As we continue to navigate this new era of workload and workforce.

While certain skills may only serve you for a short period, self-motivation is a skill that will benefit you throughout your life. However, it’s easier said than done, and sometimes it can feel like you’re searching far and wide for anything that will help you get your work done. At Trevolearn, our community is here to offer support and keep each other focused and on track.

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
- Albert Einstein

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How to Stay Self-Motivated 

  • Set SMART goals 
  • Break down your goals into smaller tasks
  • Reward yourself for your achievements 
  • Learn from your failures 
  • Surround yourself with positive people 
  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Communication Skills – 
    Communication plays a significant role in our daily lives. The success of every project depends on how well it is conveyed, whether it be through verbal or written communication.
    Effective communication is essential for drafting persuasive reports, giving compelling presentations, or collaborating with diverse teams. This skill is vital for securing your career by conveying your ideas clearly and building relationships across a wide range of professional scenarios. I am sure you must have heard people quoting this phrase “I wish I had spoken sooner” because when they actually communicated their desire, it is either that the position had been given to somebody else who spoke up. Whatever you do, speak up, and don’t just speak, communicate effectively.
  • Cultural Compеtеncy and Divеrsity -The future job market is increasingly diverse. It is important to possess cultural competency and diversity skills to succeed. This skill promotes inclusion, strengthens relationships, and encourages collaboration across cultures. It is important to avoid being the person in your workplace who shuns Mr. A due to cultural differences or considers herself superior to Mrs. C because Mrs. C is from a minority group. Unfortunately, such behaviors are common, especially if you work in a country or city that isn’t peculiar to your tribe or race.
  • Salеs and Nеgotiation Skills

    Every business is out there to make sales, just as I am indirectly putting Trevolearn in your face. Salеs and nеgotiation skills aren’t confinеd to salеs rolеs; they are essential in various professional contexts today. Whеthеr you’rе closing a dеal or rеsolving a conflict, thеsе skills future-proof your career by enhancing your ability to pеrsuadе, nеgotiatе, and collaborate effectively. Check out this practical course on sales on our website.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy –

    These skills require the ability to understand and empathize with your co-workers. Workplaces are changing, becoming more diverse and in many cases remote. That means there’s even more need for high levels of emotional intelligence and empathy, so co-workers can get along and work productively in teams, no matter who  or where they are. These skills are about being able to put yourself in your colleague’s shoes. Developing these skills is essential if you work in customer relations, as it can help you build stronger relationships with customers and improve their user experience in an ever-changing market.

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“Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success.”
— Daniel Goleman.

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  • Tech Savviness – 

    If a person is technology savvy, it means they have the right skills and intuitive knowledge to operate modern devices effectively. It typically involves understanding technical concepts, then knowing how to apply them in different contexts. As simple as Zoom may seem to operate, some don’t still know how to operate the basics of the tools. Now, imagine such a person pursuing a career where it is a daily requirement. 

    (Zoom is a professional Modern video call app with live messaging and content sharing for desktop and mobile. It allows you to connect, and collaborate with your employees, teams, and customers to work better together to get more results.) Don’t be left out in the trends, know your tools and know them well. 

  • Time Management Time is a precious commodity. One of the most valuable skills is time management, which involves learning to say “no” to less important tasks and prioritizing the most important ones. Time management is essential since none of us ever seem to have enough time for everything we need or want to do. Do you ever wonder how some people always have enough time to spare while others are constantly struggling to finish what they have started? Time management is an art that requires the ability to use your time efficiently and productively. It may sound easy, but it’s much more challenging in practice.
  • Life-long Learning

    Just like many courses on Trevolearn which are experience-based, that means it is applicable in and out of time. For some it could work as a reference, for others, it could be a solution to a future problem. That is why you need these courses to spark your curiosity and a willingness to learn. A constant need to  improve are traits that companies need in their employees if they want to innovate and succeed in competitive markets. Employees who are lifelong learners are constantly upgrading their skills with formal learning. You can take any of our short courses to keep you updated with trends in your career.

  • Taking Ownership –

    Are you tired of feeling like a mere employee rather than a valued team member? Well, the answer is because you are yet to take ownership. Employees who take ownership or responsibility for their tasks are a big asset to their team and the organization. They can be trusted to consistently complete their duties on time and at a high-quality level. An example of ownership at work is when an employee takes the lead on a project, proactively tackles challenges, and meets deadlines.

  • Critical thinking and Analysis

    Where are the critical thinkers, employers are looking for you? Employers will be looking for staff who can think critically about the data presented to them and analyze how to use that information to their advantage. Let me break it down, most ideas come in Abstract form and what a typical boss would do is present it to you raw, it is left for you to decode and encode it and bring such ideas to task. (You are up to the task I know).

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“The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.”
— Albert Einstein.

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Finally, continuous learning is vital for staying relevant and keeping up with the changing demands of the modern workforce. These skills will help you adapt to the changing and challenging work environment, as well as leverage the opportunities and innovations that technology and globalization bring. 

To hone or acquire these skills, you can use Trevolearn, an experienced-based learning platform that helps learners navigate career success through the experiences of other professionals. Trevolearn offers various learning opportunities that help learners gain practical experience and skills in different fields and industries. By mastering these skills with Trevolearn, you can future-proof your career and achieve your personal and professional goals.




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