These  guidelines were created for instructors to enable fast approval for submitted courses provided the courses meet the required criteria. 

As an instructor, Below are key important components that your courses must have, to enable fast approval


1.What type of courses will be approved TrevoLearn ?

Trevolearn only hosts courses that are not Technical in nature but are very beneficial to anyone in that career path.  For example, Trevolearn will reject courses that teach Data Analytics, Programming, Cyber security, Writing, Mathematics, Social media management etc.

Below are the examples of courses Trevolearn will approve:

  • How to land a Remote Job as a Data Analyst
  • How to pitch yourself to a prospective recruiter
  • How to get jobs that can help you relocate via LinkedIn or other platforms. Etc.
  • How to Get Social media management Jobs
  • Where to land Programing Jobs or Gigs e.t.c.

Trevolearn doesn’t host and will not approve professional certification courses because there are already more than enough platforms hosting those courses.

2. Every course must have a course introductory video as shown on the course creation page, this is to get your prospective student familiar with what to expect from your course. Your introductory video speaks a lot about how  well students will enroll for your courses.


3. Every course must have an attractively designed course thumbnail with 700*430 pixels.

4. Every course videos must show your face concurrently as you speak or at intervals during the video. This is important to avoid impersonation or plagiarism of courses on our platform.

5. Every course must be a minimum of high Definition (HD) or UHD (Ultra High Definition) and audio quality, to be approved by Trevolearn.

6. Every course video must be “unlisted” on YouTube or not visible by any visitor on your YouTube page or any other video hosting platform you’re using

7. All courses must be recorded in English Language (USA or British)

8. All courses must have a detailed course description and learning objectives(Must contain course curriculum)

9. You cannot upload an entirely free course

10. A course video should not exceed 20 minutes per video in every lesson.

11. To enable your courses to be monthly subscription based, please send a request to admin@trevolearn.com. after you have submitted the course for review with the title ‘Request to Make my course Monthly Subscription’.

12. You are advised not to add an external link as an attachment to your course, Adding an external link will subject your course to a longer review time. 

  • In a case where an Instructor adds an unrelated external link, the course will not be approved.
  • In a case where the external link leads to another platform to induce payment or selling of any service, the course will be taken down immediately. 
13. The minimum price and maximum price range for your course would be NGN5,760 – NGN30,000 for one- off payment and NGN3,600 – NGN14,400 for monthly subscription courses. Please note that the dollar equivalent may change depending on the prevailing exchange rate. Please check this Page to keep track of prevailing Exchange rates.

Course Tips

  • Set the Course Price option or make it free.
  • Standard size for the course thumbnail is 700×430.
  • Video section controls the course overview video.
  • Course Builder is where you create & organize a course.
  • Add Topics in the Course Builder section to create lessons, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Prerequisites refers to the fundamental courses to complete before taking this particular course.
  • Information from the Additional Data section shows up on the course single page.



You can download any of the slides below and edit any of them using Google slides or Microsoft Power point.

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